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Why the Well-Being Economy Only Makes Sense

By: Hanna Maria, Simply Well Written

All human economic activity depends on human beings and is intended to serve them. If the activity destroys the lives of the people it is meant to serve, then it is not suited to the task and needs to be done in a new way.

A successful economy can never be measured by numerical profit alone. It can only be measured by how good and healthy the reality is it co-creates for everyone involved – animals, land, earth, resources, people. That includes clean water, healthy food, vast wild outdoor spaces. It includes time for family, the freedom to live one’s passion, lots of space and time for children to play, etc.

Our current economic model, as if possessed, chases something that’s meaningless and dead; a concept. Money. Profit. En-route it often kills everything – joy, passion, creativity, inspiration, nature, animals, humans, livelihoods, co-creation. It ultimately takes away our happiness, another word for well-being. That’s where the Well-Being Economy comes in and when something outdated makes space for healthy ways of living and thriving.

It is the healthiest for us to follow our true nature, our passion and our own rhythms. This means that life and what we engage with (so also our economy), must be aligned with this. It must be aligned with our health, well-being and fulfilment – supporting whatever circumstances are needed for all to thrive in this biosphere and ecosystem of Life on Earth.

Why would our economy instead be something that brings destruction, poverty, huge wilderness-loss, vast extinction of precious life forms and ‘modern-day slavery’ (people working all day, just to survive)? Through the single-minded focus on profit and money

Why would we uphold a system, by choice, that mainly brings suffering: addiction, overwork, underpay, despair, anxiety, absent parents, debts, chasing payslips, never-ending and ever-growing competition that tears at the core of one’s being?

It’s cruel. To me, the current economic model is cruel. To all Life on Earth. While serving no purpose, but to chase dead value, a number on some account to buy things, land or people with.

If I pause and feel, it’s painful to see how the economy extracts the meaning, beauty and wordless preciousness from all Life, just like that. It can only do that because it considers itself disconnected from life and Creation. As soon as I know and understand that I am deeply interconnected with all around me, I act differently.

This is when the focus shifts from the ‘well-being’ of some thought out ‘Gross Domestic Product’ to the well-being of all beings and nature that forms, holds and supports life, to the truth of economy, our ecosystem here on earth.