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Well-being economy consulting

Focus on Well-Being

As soon as we bring the word Well-Being into the economy, we can see that forever the real value (profit) can only be the true well-being of all beings – humans, animals, plants, etc. that form our world and reality and food source.


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The Essence of Economic Ethics

Reinventing the economy by reassessing its underlying principles

The Well-Being Economy is the term for an international movement that is reinventing the economy by reassessing its underlying principles. It proceeds from the basic truth that the economy, and our economic activity, should serve peoples’ true happiness, our environment, and the well-being of all Life.

Guided by the priciples of the Well-Being Economy, we provide custom online and offline well-being offerings that will support your company in joining this international movement, through recognizing that the real value is the participants, all beings that make and hold the economy, and them living a good quality of life.

Soul Journey Retreats

Sometimes it’s time to pause, see where you have come from along your life path, where you are headed and what it is you chose as your campus.

Where are you coming from?

Where are you headed?

How do your feet kiss the earth?

How deeply do you inhabit the earth that is your body?

Burnout Retreats

Career & Life Path check. Join one of our retreats hosted in some of the most beautiful remote locations of South Africa. For a moment focus on your body, mind and spirit, and align your future path with your life purpose.

Team Building Retreats

Start from the team well-being. Reignite the passion for your projects and initiatives through solidifying the team connections and creating space for well-being.

Career & life counselling

Our qualified Counsellors will help you and your team assess where you are, where you are heading and realign your and your team’s paths with your life purpose.

Addiction counselling

Addiction is a common way of escaping the stress and lack of fulfilment in your career and private life. Our dedicated counselling sessions can help you get back on track.

Private Retreats

Our private retreats are aimed to serve professionals from all trades of life. Helping reassess, realign, reinvent and reboot your career path, by bringing clarity on your true purpose and passion in life.

Well-Being Economy Strategy Retreats

Change the course of your business away from the old paradigm and learn how to take focus on the well-being. This strategic retreat will help you work closely with your team on realigning your company with growth that’s guided by the well-being of all Life.

Business Retreats

Focused on reconstituting, reinventing,  reconnecting the entire team. Fully customised towards your company’s needs and objectives.

Communications Coaching & Writing Services

Support and expand the image of your company as the one that is consciously taking action to build its business on the well-being of its employees and through that grow and thrive. Our specialist writing team offers powerful communication and content, capable of shifting mindsets and bridging perspectives.

All human economic activity depends on human beings and is intended to serve them

successful economy can never be measured by numerical profit alone. It can only be measured by how good and healthy the reality is it co-creates for everyone involved – animals, land, earth, resources, people. That includes clean water, healthy food, vast wild outdoor spaces. It includes time for family, the freedom to live one’s passion, lots of space and time for children to play, etc.


Years of experience

transformational events

custom well-being offerings

What We Do for You

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, where we will establish your needs and how best we can meet them. We facilitate online and offline events as well as offer strategic consulting, communications coaching and writing services in the scope of the Economy of Well-Being. 

Events & Retreats

There is nothing more impactful than physical participation in a transformative movement. We strive to facilitate spaces and experiences that promote the Well-Being Economy and simply look after the well-being of us all.

Online Live Sessions

Our Online Platform provides your team with daily live zoom sessions hosted by highly qualified coaches and teachers. Our sessions include: yoga, meditation, mental health support, mindfulness practices, and much more.

Communications Coaching

Expand the image of your company and find new language that best describes your new endevour. We will help you shape your communication around your new strategic initiatives in the field of well-being.

embarking on the well-being economy movement

How It Works

We strive to deliver the highest quality of service.

Collaborating with the best professionals, coaches, counsellors and teachers in the industry, we are hand-picking the right experiences for your company. 

We deep-dive into your story, philosophy, beliefs and value system, growth and expansion strategy, general approach to business and understanding of the economy, to create the most suitable package. 

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Private Retreats

Reassess, realign, reinvent and reboot your career path, by bringing clarity on your true purpose and passion in life.

Well-Being Strategy

We will help you redefine your company’s purpose, values, vision and mission, and reshape it towards the Well-Being Economy movement.

Business Retreats

Focus on reconstituting, reinventing,  reconnecting the entire team. Fully customised towards your company’s needs and objectives.


We ensure excellent writing and work with you to craft powerful communications and content, capable of touching hearts, shifting mindsets and bridging perspectives.

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